Strictly Jane Austen

Who can ever tire of Bath?

“Oh! Who can ever be tired of Bath?”  wrote Jane Austen in her novel Northanger Abbey.  

I am a radio editor from Vienna and I´m currently working on a documentary on Jane Austen and her novel Pride and Prejudice for the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). Although Jane Austen´s famous novel isn’t set in Bath, I really wanted to visit the town she lived in from 1801 to 1806 because I believe that her experiences in Bath made a great impact on the writing of her future novels. So, thanks to ECT Travel and their Strictly Jane Austen Tours, I got the opportunity to learn more about Jane Austen´s time in Bath.

Royal Crescent Bath

My tour guide was Adge Secker, a former policemen who is very knowledgeable in everything regarding Bath and the 19th century novelist. His enthusiasm was contagious and I had a great time walking with him in the footsteps of Jane Austen. We went along the grand Great Pultney Street to 4 Sidney Place, one of Jane’s former residencies, enjoyed Sidney Gardens as she once did, strolled through the city center where Adge showed me, among other things, The Assembly Rooms (where Jane herself went to dance and also used as a setting in Northanger Abbey), The Circus, The Royal Cresent and The Pump Rooms.

$ Sydney Place

Assembly Rooms

Apart from Jane Austen, Adge also told me a lot about the ancient origins of Bath, its architecture and, of course, the famous Roman Baths. Our tour lasted about three hours and Jane was quite right, you never do get tired of the beautiful city of Bath!

Sydney gardens

Julia’s programme will be aired on May 26th and May 28th 2019. Click here to book your own Bath walking tour.