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‘Our Bath base means that we are uniquely placed to create truly evocative tours of Jane Austen’s world,' states our website proudly. Austen certainly embodies one end of the spectrum of early-nineteenth century fiction, that of romance and satire. But did you know that Bath also played host to another novelist who wrote the defining work of the century in the budding fields of gothic, horror, and even science fiction? This week, our guest blogger Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm, is celebrating our home city's other literary heroine, Mary Shelley.... 

Jane Austen, A Woman for Our Times

Julia Golding is a multi-award-winning children’s author and the creator of the podcast What Would Jane Do? We caught up with her at her home in Oxford to find out why this Regency novelist is still a woman of our times.



Step back into Regency England with Strictly Jane Austen Tours. Our unique and immersive tours have been designed to give you a real taste of Jane Austen’s world and provide fascinating facts about one of England’s most famous and respected authors. Based in Bath, the city Jane made her home and where she set two of her novels, we are perfectly placed to create evocative tours featuring special Regency experiences, expert talks and private visits to key sites. 

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