‘Our Bath base means that we are uniquely placed to create truly evocative tours of Jane Austen’s world,' states our website proudly. Austen certainly embodies one end of the spectrum of early-nineteenth century fiction, that of romance and satire. But did you know that Bath also played host to another novelist who wrote the defining

In honour of Jane Austen's birthday, Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm, our guest blogger, editor of Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen (2016) and author of There’s Something About Darcy (2019) looks back to the day of her birth and imagines how, as an adult living in Bath, she might have celebrated.   

Jane Austen loved autumn walks in the Hampshire countryside, often covering five miles a day, so as the leaves turn from orange to yellow, our guest blogger Christine Hughes has been looking at how this most mellow of seasons inspired our favourite author

As Bath’s celebratory Jane Austen Festival makes a welcome return, guest blogger Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm, author of Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen and There’s Something About Darcy, reveals what we can look forward to and what makes this Austen extravaganza so special.