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Guided Tour_ Strictly Jane Austen Bath, England
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The Beautiful City of Bath

'They arrived at Bath. Catherine was all eager delight; her eyes were here, there, everywhere, as they approached its fine and striking environs....She was come to be happy, and she felt happy already.'  Northanger Abbey

Jane Austen is synonymous with Bath. Our curated guided tours of the city she made her home bring Regency Bath to life and, thanks to our experienced and knowledgeable guides, provide a unique and fascinating insight into Jane's life and times. 

If you are a passionate about Jane Austen, inquisitive about her life and the Regency period -or just curious, you will have a wonderful time strolling through one of the most beautiful cities in England on our expertly-guided walking tour, bringing alive Jane’s life and time in this magnificent city.

Our two and a half hour long walking tour with an expert guide whose local knowledge and stories to share, bring to life Bath in the Regency period and Jane Austen’s time here.

Bath Regency Guided tour to Jane Austen's Bath

One price up to six guests ~ with an expert Tour Guide

Up to six guests can enjoy this experience for one (astonishing!) price of £130, with our Tour Guide opening the world of Jane Austen in Regency Bath.

You will be guided past iconic facades and promenade along the lanes, as was fashionable in Regency Bath. Learn about society’s etiquette of the day, the nuances of life for a woman in Regency England - what was in-vogue, how life was lived and stories behind the buildings.

Expert Regency Guided Tour in Bath Learn about Jane Austen

What was life like for Jane Austen in the Regency Bath ?

Jane made Bath her home from 1801 to 1806 when it was a vibrant city, a favourite haunt of fashionable society, and a popular spa resort, with celebrated dandy and leader of fashion in 18th-century Britain Richard "Beau" Nash acting as the City’s Master of Ceremonies.

Society’s glittering best of the day came to socialise in Bath, drink the requisite three glasses of water from the Pump Room, bathe in the King’s Bath, stroll in Sydney Gardens and along the Royal Crescent - and of course endlessly dance and flirt at balls along the way.

Why not plan your visit to Bath soon and enjoy this wonderfully informative and interesting tour?

Expert Guided Jane Austen Tours, Bath, England

Come and enjoy Jane Austen's Bath with us: 

  • Our guided tour last 2.5 hours – the start time is curated to time that best suits you!
  • For this private tour there is just one fee of £130 - for up to six guests (and three is no minimum)
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