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As summer gets into full swing, English teacher and Jane Austen expert Christine Hughes extols the pleasures of the seaside, Georgian style



Jane Austen's Hampshire

Jane Austen’s beloved Hampshire, her birthplace and inspiration, was the foundation of her writing career and the English region features significantly in the formation of her fictional worlds. Here our guest blogger DR. Gabrielle Malcolm (author of There’s Something About Darcy, Lume, 2019) examines Austen’s attachment to her home county and what it meant to her writing career.


The Heat is On! A Regency Summer

As spring gives way to summer, our guest blogger Dr, Gabrielle Malcolm, author of There’s Something About Darcy, considers some of the pastimes and pleasures of the Regency summer as found in Jane Austen’s novels.

Bath in May with Jane Austen

It’s May 1801 and Jane Austen is in Bath staying with her uncle and aunt. Historian, author and Jane Austen aficionado Diana White reveals what our favourite novelist was doing as spring arrived in our beautiful home city.

Spring Fashions & Easter Celebrations

As Spring springs around us and the Easter holidays arrive, our guest blogger Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm takes us back to to the nineteenth century and reveals how the Georgians celebrated this new season.

Bath, Bridgerton and Regency Risk

As season two of Netflix hit Bridgerton hits our screens, we asked our guest blogger Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm (author of Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen and There’s Something About Darcy), to tell us about spotting Bath locations, the books the series is based on, and the enduring appeal of 'Regency Risk'

(Well) Being Jane Austen

Can reading Jane Austen improve our sense of wellbeing? Our guest blogger, Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm, a writer and editor who regularly speaks at the Jane Austen Festival, thinks so - and reveals that prescribing her novels is nothing new. 

Regency Romance - My Funny Valentine & the greatest love letter of all time

As Valentine's Day approaches, our guest blogger, Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm, considers Valentine’s celebrations in Bath and how Jane Austen composed the finest protestation of love in all literature but never realised her own romantic dreams.



There's Something about Mary

‚ÄėOur Bath base means that we are uniquely placed to create truly evocative tours of Jane Austen‚Äôs world,' states our website proudly. Austen certainly embodies one end of the spectrum of early-nineteenth century fiction, that of romance and satire. But did you know that Bath also played host to another novelist who wrote the defining work of the century in the budding fields of gothic, horror, and even science fiction?¬†This week, our guest blogger Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm, is celebrating our home city's other literary heroine, Mary Shelley....¬†

Jane Austen, A Woman for Our Times

Julia Golding is a multi-award-winning children’s author and the creator of the podcast What Would Jane Do? We caught up with her at her home in Oxford to find out why this Regency novelist is still a woman of our times.

Christmas with Jane Austen

As the festive season approaches, Diana White, guide for our two day festive jaunt in Jane Austen's Bath, looks back to Christmas 1795 and finds the 20 year-old Jane Austen was enjoying herself

Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

In honour of Jane Austen's birthday, Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm, our guest blogger, editor of Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen (2016) and author of There’s Something About Darcy (2019) looks back to the day of her birth and imagines how, as an adult living in Bath, she might have celebrated. 


December in Bath with Jane

What would Jane Austen have been doing this month in the beautiful city of Bath? We asked historian, author and Jane Austen aficionado Diana White to take us back in time. 

Jane Austen & the secret of her enduring appeal

Jane Austen is a great writer. We accept that, right? It’s a given, isn’t it? But just what is it that makes her so special? We asked Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm, guest blogger and author of Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen and There’s Something About Darcy to share her thoughts

Seasonal Inspiration

Jane Austen loved autumn walks in the Hampshire countryside, often covering five miles a day, so as the leaves turn from orange to yellow, our guest blogger Christine Hughes has been looking at how this most mellow of seasons inspired our favourite author

September in Bath with Jane Austen

It’s September 1801. The season is changing and Jane Austen is arriving at her new home, 4 Sydney Place, Bath. We asked historian, author and Jane Austen aficionado Diana White to tell us what treats the city of pleasures held in store for our favourite novelist. 

Festivities & Friendships

As Bath’s celebratory Jane Austen Festival makes a welcome return, guest blogger Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm, author of Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen and There’s Something About Darcy, reveals what we can look forward to and what makes this Austen extravaganza so special.

Bath, how the Georgian city influenced and inspired Jane Austen

Jane Austen lived in Bath over a period of five years in her twenties. We asked Dr. Gabrielle Malcolm, author of  Fan Phenomena: Jane Austen, There’s Something About Darcy, to tell us about the influence the city had on the woman and her writings

Bath, Bridgerton & Jane Austen

Bridgerton, Netflix’s smash-hit series based on the novels by Julia Quinn, depicts Regency England as a place of romance, scandal and the fashionable elite. Set in 1813, the same year that Jane Austen’s novel Pride & Prejudice was published, and partly filmed in Bath, our guest blogger and Austen expert Christine Hughes wonders whether Jane would have recognised the settings, fashions and social mores in this fantasy version of Regency England?

Impressing the Neighbours, Georgian Style

For many of us, over the past year, our only regular glimpse into the homes of others has been the view afforded through a screen in video calls. Some people have even ordered ready made shelves of books in order to have an impressive or scholarly backdrop. In the Georgian era, when it was customary to pay a brief call on neighbours or a new acquaintance, there was a similar emphasis on the necessity of creating a tasteful and fashionable backdrop that would impress any visitors to your home - no matter how brief the visit. Christine Hughes explains the etiquette.

At home with the Georgians

‚ÄėThere‚Äôs nothing like staying at home for real comfort‚Äô, wrote Jane Austen in Emma. As lockdowns see us spending more time in our houses, we asked Jane Austen aficiando Christine Hughes to tell us how the Georgians amused themselves at home. ¬†

How did the Georgians celebrate their birthdays?

16th December was Jane Austen's 245th birthday. We asked English teacher and Georgian history expert Christine Hughes to tell us how birthdays were celebrated in Georgian Britain. 

Discover Jane Austen's Bath

'Jane Austen was a happy visitor to the city where marriages were made and fortunes lost and where le beau monde was an inspiration for the novels time has made famous', writes Diana White, historian, author and guide on our two day festive jaunt to Jane Austen's Bath. We asked her to tell us more. 

A Georgian Springtime

As the first buds appear on the trees, guest blogger Christina Hughes looks at the arrival of spring in Georgian England



5 minutes with Diana White

Our new two-day festive jaunt around Jane Austen’s Bath is led by local historian Diana White. Ahead of the tour, we caught up with her to ask about her book, Jane Austen: The Life and Times of the Woman behind the Books, and the city Jane Austen made her home.

A Georgian Christmas

Every family has its own Christmas traditions and rituals. Like many of us, Jane Austen and her neighbours enjoyed decorating their houses with mistletoe and wreaths. With Christmas a-coming, Christine Hughes discovers some popular Regency traditions.



Journeying with Jane

Summer is one of the busiest times of year for travelling, both at home and further abroad. As Jane Austen and her fellow Georgians show, going on a journey has always involved untold delights, undoubted discomforts and, ultimately, the importance of self-discovery. English teacher and Georgian history expert Christine Hughes tells us more.

Bath & its Buns

Hot Cross Buns might be trending but here in Bath, buns are a year-round favourite.

Who can ever tired of Bath?

Austrian radio journalist Julia Reuter joined our tour guide Adge Secker for a walking tour of Jane Austen's Bath and discovered that the author was quite right about the appeal of the city