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Visit Bath for Jane Austen tours

Launched in 2015, Strictly Jane Austen Tours is part of ECT Travel, an experienced Bath-based tour operator that is proud to have been providing successful travel programmes since 1993.

Ahead of booking...

We look forward to having you travel with us, but before you book do make sure you read and are familiar with our:

  1.  Booking Conditions,
  2. Covid-19 Additional Terms and Information, and
  3. The Package Travel & Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018.

Below is a summary of our Booking Conditions. This summary is intended to alert you to the key points of our terms of travel.

  • It is your responsibility to check the entry requirements for the country(ies) you are travelling to and be aware of the Government Guidence on Staying Safe and latest FCO latest COVID-19 travel guidence.
  • In making a booking you are confirming¬†you understand and accept our terms of travel.
  • A binding contract comes into existence once ECT Travel Ltd¬†has¬†dispatched a confirmation email/receipt. We must be made aware of any¬†inaccuracies in these documents within 10 days of the issue date.
  • Should you, or any member of your party, need to cancel your chosen tour then you must notify ECT Travel Ltd in writing. Cancellation charges range from 20% to 100% per person, depending on the length of the cancellation period. Some of our tours are paid for in full at time of booking, and our cancellation charges apply.
  • You must have adequate travel and health insurance and must¬†include provisions relating to the Coronavirus disease pandemic (COVID-19),¬†¬†if you are travelling outside of the UK. ECT Travel Ltd¬†will need details of your insurance policy to complete your booking. Please pay special attention to the clause covering delay and cancellation.
  • Unfortunately, ECT Travel Ltd's¬†holidays may not be suitable for people with certain disabilities or medical conditions. If you, or a member of your party, has a disability or medical condition that may affect the holiday, then you must notify us¬†at the time you book. We strongly advise you to contact us to discuss your requirements before you book.
  • In compliance with the UK Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992, all travel and accommodation monies received are placed in a holding Trust Account which is independently monitored by an Independent Trustee.¬†

The following Booking Conditions together with the General Information contained in our COVID -19 Additional Terms and Information and any other information we have bought to your attention before you made your booking, form the basis of your contract with European Connoisseurs Travel (ECT Travel) and set out our respective rights and obligations. Please note, in these Booking Conditions ‚Äúyou‚ÄĚ means all persons named on the booking (including anyone who is added or substituted at a later date). ‚ÄúWe‚ÄĚ means European Connoisseurs Travel.

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Covid Additional Terms

Some important things to do before you travel

  • Take out travel insurance. Check the small print so you can be sure it is adequate for your needs and has enhanced COVID-19 coverage
  • Make sure you pack and take essential items to protect you : face masks, hand sanitiser, antibacterial wipes
  • Consider taking bank cards, not cash as many places are only accepting contactless card payments

Key Legislation Please read ahead of booking


Foreign Office Travel Aware