Happy Birthday Jane Austen - Celebrating 245 years.


Do not consider me now as an elegant female, intending to play you, but as a rational creature, speaking the truth from from her heart."


Happy Birthday Jane Austen

Jane has given us wonderful, timeless stories and writings to enjoy and while birthdays were not marked in her time as we do now, we thought it would be fun to see what you might gift her.

Here are your suggestions:


Durga Ekambaram Pemberley

Lyme Park(Pemberley) painted this year by Durga Ekambaram:  "To the most wonderful author of all times, who inspires me everyday and gives me happiness through her beautiful books."

embroidery thread

"As Jane was a talented stitcher, I would like to gift her heaps of embroidery thread" Olivia Mason


"As Jane was a keen dancer and keen walker I thought she would love a bicycle" Heather Boyle

laptop judee schumacher pronovost

"I have always wondered how many novels Jane might have written had she lived in a time such as ours. My gift is a laptop " Judee Schumacher-Pronovost


Dr Zhivago

I think she might enjoy reading Dr Zhivago, I expect Boris Pasternak read her works - Sydney Bates


L. Samuel gives a pretty lace handkerchief to use over holidays when there would be many festive occasions to attend.


"I wonder what she might have captured with a camera - nature on her walks or lovely portraits...?" Yvonne Sheilds

ice skates

"I expect Jane would have enjoyed ice skating, so a pair of skates would be my gift" - Joan Townsend


Rose Langbridge would like to give Jane a pretty teapot "for the many tea parties she might hold for inspiration."

Crystal Pen

Teresa Hooten Kozempel has gifted this  delicate crystal pen

Writing set

Courtney Hampton  "I give Jane a beautiful and smooth writing correspondence set."


Game of Boggle

R. Jessop - "I think Jane would enjoy a lively game of Boggle or Scrabble so that is what I'd like to gift her." 


poetry book

"A book of  modern poetry" - H Glen


Pauline Langston has suggested Jane might like "a pretty mask ....


and a fan to hide her demure smile."


Joel Cunningham "I wonder if Jane might like a tattoo?"

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